Financials - 2017 - October

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Download file "Oct 2017 Com Prop Inc Stmt Mo.pdf"
Download file "Oct 2017 Com Prop Inc Stmt YTD.pdf"
Download file "Oct 2017 Comm Prop Bal Sheet.pdf"


Neighborhood Watch - Property Inventory List

Community watch:

Last week Gary and I attended the "Community Watch" meeting at the Sheriffs office. There were 2 things that I think are worth pass on to everyone.

One, there was a presentation by one of the investigators and during his talk he pointed out having an inventory of your valuables is one of the best tools the Sheriffs office has to return and items they recover after an arrest and a valuable tool in prosecution of the crook. Attach├ęd is a pdf of an inventory sheet the sheriffs office offers to the public. Would make a great project for those ukie winter days. We also have a device that etches that you can borrow just let me know if you'd like to do that.

Second, statics are showing an increase in crime in the county most of that crime is meth related , I think is a good case for "if you see something say something" we really don't want to see this issue in our community. Meth addition is sometimes referred to as a death sentence.

Thanks be safe.
Fred Arn
Download file "12 - BCSO Property Inventory List(1).pdf"


Financials - 2017 - September

Attached you will find the September Financials for the Livemore Lake Common Property Association.

Download file "Sept 2017 Comm Prop Bal Sheet.pdf"
Download file "Sept 2017 Comm Prop Inc Stmt Mo.pdf"
Download file "Sept 2017 Comm Prop Inc Stmt YTD.pdf"


Moose Alert

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Please be aware that several Moose have been making frequent visits to our neighborhood this fall. They have been spotted in yards as well as on the road. Please be cautious while driving as they have been seen running in front of cars. Stay safe, and help keep our resident moose safe as well.


Proposed BLM work that will effect the community

Please look at this information, it will effect our community:Download file "GamlinScopingInformation091817.pdf"


Bonner County Sheriffs Community Watch News Letter

Download file "Community Watch Newsletter Vol 1 issue 3 090117.pdf"


Welcome to the web home for the Lake Livemore Community Property Assn.

Download file "LLCPA Articles of Incorporation.pdf"

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